Bathroom re-do

I love to decorate and design, but I am always looking for ways to do it inexpensively. Right after Jeremy and I got married we did a quick revamping of our bathroom. In fact, Jeremy used the left over money from his bachelor party. We had to do something (quick) with the hideous sponged on black and purple butterflies on a stark white wall. Before we had decided on a theme for the entire house we went with a pompeian red. I am not much for reds, but I went along with it. After nearly 7 years, I am ready for a change. A few years ago we both decided to go with mid-century modern for the decor of our house. It only seems fitting since our house was built in 1958. This is an era of design I have been fascinated with as a child. I could get into a whole other story about mid-century, but I will save that for another time.

This past week, we finally decided on a color scheme to go in our bathroom. This was a difficult challenge, since we have the original counter-tops from the 50’s. A charcoal grey Formica with white boomerangs.


We decided on red-orange, grey, and turquoise. I started to look online immediately for towels and shower curtains. Over the past week, I have searched online everywhere. This has been quite the challenge. I would find a turquoise towel I like, but the orange wasn’t the orange I was looking for, or visa versa. My goal was to find the same brand towels. Most retail stores we went didn’t have either color we are looking for. Then we decided, well let’s look for a shower curtain that reflects the colors and go from there. This proposed an even greater challenge. Today, we drove around to 6 different stores, and it was a bust. I am determine to find that shower curtain and towels of my dreams.

Jaipur Fabric Shower Curtain

I love this one from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I think it’s a bit too busy with our countertops. Also, I don’t think Jeremy was too keen on it, as it is a bit “girlie”.

Does anyone out there know of any online stores with vintage inspired, or bright/bold shower curtains?

Say NO to neutral!


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